Application Fields


It can be nuclear or gas energy, power stations, water works producing electric energy, construction of wildmills or heat exchanger, here everywhere is necessary machine with high accuracy. A lot of components are of huge dimensions. With ŠKODA machines you can easily handle it all. 


Production of means of transport frequently requires relatively complicated parts. And exactly for machining of these components are the ŠKODA machines here. They can machine frames of railway wagons, their chassis, chassis of aircrafts, complicated blocks of motor and forms for automotive industry.

Wind power plant


With more than 100 years of experience in the business and 4,000 machines exported worldwide our company has earned its position as the world's leading manufacturer of horizontal boring and milling machines. Our success is based on engineering excellence as well as on our employees' dedication to providing the best solutions to our customers.

While constantly focusing on improving our procucts and services we are stepping into another century of our company's effort to bring you the best solutions for your visions.

Pracoviště Škoda for wind

ŠKODA - your partner for wind

Řada strojů FCW

Long-lasting cooperation with the leading manufactures in the wind turbine industry underlines our high quality standards.

We are able to provide you with a complete package of services from the first projections, various simulations and time studies throughout the planning phase and final installation of the machine at your site to reliable maintenance.


Complete wind turbine machining 800 kW - 7.58 MW

Building on our rich experience with manufacturing of wind turbines, we are able to provide you with the best solutions for machining of the main wind turbine workpieces ranging from 0.8 MW up to 7.58 MW.

Hubs, main frames, rotor blades, rotors and main shafts are at the heart of our expertise. Our machines match the highest requirements on machining of various kind of materials from grey cast iron to fiberglass.

Obrábění lopatek: Otočné stoly libovolné velikosti / Nosnost až 300 t Obrábění lopatek: Otočné stoly libovolné velikosti / Nosnost až 300 t

Everything you need

We support our customers in pursuit of their business goals by providing optimal accessories to maximize their production capacities.

Tilting tables 0 - 10°, universal automatic 5-axis milling heads, microindexing and automatic angular heads together with special clamping devices help you achieve maximal profitability.

Additionally, with horizontal central lathes ŠKODA you will gain the right equipment to be able to completely machine wind turbine shafts including coupling holes. The lathes can also be equipped with indexing milling tower, drinding device, boring equipment and other wide range of technological accessories.


General machining

Also for many other fields, customers use the machines ŠKODA, with which they can machine components of presses, equipment of smithies and foundries, dimensional gears, components of huge dimensions and general forms among others. 

Mining technology

Components for mining excavators, components for cranes and conveyors, for heavy trucks or for crushers of ore...  These and other products, which are necessary for the heavy industry can be machined by ŠKODA machines.

Shipping industry

In shipping industry ŠKODA machines are used for machining of some huge or complicated workpieces, as blocks of diesel engines, crank shafts for two-stroke or four-stroke motors, gear boxes, shipping shafts or shipping blades.  

Extraction of petrioleum and gas

In mining industry there are also required huge components. For ŠKODA machines it is not any problem. Our machine are able to machine valves, dosing devices, parts for mining platforms or suitable piping.